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About Ideola
Dan BeckettHow it Started
My name is Dan Beckett. I purcased my first transaxle Porsche in August 2004. It was a normally aspirated 1981 Porsche 924. The idea was to fix it up for my eldest son as his first car. I fell in love with it on my first test drive because it reminded me so much of my first car (a Fiat X1/9). Nine months later, the new-to-me toofah had a fully rebuilt top end, a bunch of cosmetic fixes, a plethora of preventive maintenance items, and was show-worthy at the last-ever Tweeks Porsche FunFest in Effingham IL. In the intervening months and years, I have purchased 24 additional transaxle Porsches, six of which I still own. You can see galleries of some of my current and past wasserpumpers by clicking the thumbnails in the column to the right, or by checking out my Chronology thread on

Who's Involved
I rely a good deal on the patience and common sense of my wife, my primary sounding board and sanity check. I also benefit from tremendous local and virtual support from guys like Vaughan Scott and Chris Marsh (who have each raced ITB 924s), as well as a number of other members of 924board. I can't take credit for all of the accomplishments represented in the products shown on this site. My contribution is being the friendly, persistent pest that persuades manufacturers and vendors to help us bring these products to market.

Why We Do It
The 924 community is sorely underserved. Many critical components are no longer available (NLA) from Porsche or aftermarket suppliers. As for performance enhancements, there are very few off-the-shelf options for the 924 and 931, aside from the suspension components common to the 944. To compound the matter, the 924 has a seemingly low cost of entry, but it usually masks years of deferred maintenance. Many first-time owners don't realize what they're getting into, and don't plan appropriately for repair and restoration costs. As a result, the "toofah" tends to have a spend-thrift owner community, so very few aftermarket vendors bother with the 924. That's where we come in.

I don't need to rely on this venture to put food on my table, so we're not subject to the same survival pressures with which run-of-the-mill parts resellers contend. This allows us to stay focused on the micro-niche market of the 924, which most vendors ignore. We have virtually no overhead which also helps keep product prices in line with what that market will bear. After recouping operational expenses, our revenues are poured back into developing new innovations and products for the 924, including many that are replacements for NLA OEM parts, and many that were never before available, and some only available from us!

The happy coincidence is that some of these products have commonality with the 924's successors and siblings, particularly the 924S, the 944, the 944 Turbo (951) and the 928. Developing cross-over products like the IMI Hi-Torque Gear Reduction Starter and Stage8 locking CV bolts allows us to appeal to a broader market, making sustainability and further development possible.

Where To Find Us ideola
Rennlist: ideola
Pelican: ideola
944Cup: ideola
Spec944: ideola
Facebook: Ideola's Garage

2015 Chicagoland 924-944-968-928 Meetup
2015 Chicagoland 924-944-968-928 Meetup @ Ideola's Garage

Shipping and Returns Policy
Shipping Methods
Shipping charges that show up in the PayPal shopping cart used throughout our site are for DOMESTIC CONTINENTAL U.S. rates only! For international orders, we will contact you after you place your order to make arrangements for the addtional expense of international shipping.

We strive to select the lowest cost shipping method for our customers, and typically ship via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground / Home Delivery. If you prefer a different shipping method, please contact us by email to discuss alternate arrangements.

New/Unused Product Returns
We will accept returns for unused products that are normally stocked within 90 days from the time that the order was shipped, subject to a 15% restocking fee. If a product is returned within 30 days of the original ship date you are eligible for a refund to the original payment method used, minus the restocking fee. Any returns made within the remaining return policy time frame will qualify for "store credit" only, minus the restocking fee.

You are responsible for the return shipping costs and fees. All new/unused products must be new, unused and must be in the original packaging, including labeling, manuals, hardware, etc.

Returns and refunds for bespoke or made-to-order items will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Items purchased from our Used Parts Bin are not returnable or refundable, and are sold in as-is condition.

Applicability or Fitment Issues
If you wish to return a product that does not fit your vehicle and you feel that there is an error in our listing, please contact us directly. We will investigate the cause of the fitment problem and will make any corrections that are needed. In the event that we find an error on our website, we make arrangements for the return shipping. All products must be new, unused and must be in the original packaging, including labeling, manuals, hardware, etc.

Replacement orders will be shipped only to the address used on the original order. Shipping Charges are non-refundable.

You are responsible for checking the product application guide prior to ordering any product(s) to verify that the parts you have selected are appropriate for your vehicle. To ensure that you are ordering the correct products you must select your vehicle prior to ordering, where applicable.

Refused Packages
Any domestic orders that are returned to us as refused by receiver or non-deliverable will be subject to a return handling fee and will be processed as a return in compliance with our standard return policy, including a 15% restocking fee.

Any international orders that are refused at the time of delivery will be subject to carrier abandonment of the package, at which time the ordered products would be discarded by the carrier. The customer will not be refunded for the value of the order and the discarded products are no longer retrievable.

Core Charge
Some of the products we offer may have a core charge deposit that is required during the initial purchase. In some cases, we may be unaware of a core charge until after a product has been ordered. If a core charge is required after the product has been ordered, we will contact you to inform you of the core charge. Core charges are usually combined with the initial cost of the product purchased and you may qualify for a core refund if the core is returned. We will make arrangements with you for core deposits and core returns via email.

In order to receive core credit, the core must be in rebuild-able condition without any damaged, structural harm or missing items. The core must be returned to us in the same package in which the original product was sent.

We inspect all products that are returned for core credit and reserve the right to determine if the core returned qualifies for core credit. Cores that are not returned in the original packaging will not qualify for core credit. We do not accept junkyard cores. If the return does not meet these requirements, the items will be returned or discarded at your discretion. If the core is denied for core credit, you are responsible for the cost of having the item returned.

Please allow an ample amount of time for core charges to be processed, as we need to inspect all parts before a refund is granted. Return shipping for core charge refund is the sole responsibility of the buyer and all cores must be returned within thirty days of original purchase.

Shipping Charges are non-refundable.

Return Process
  • Print our Return Form. Fill it out completely and be sure to include it with your return before it is shipped back to us.
  • Prepare your return shipment.
  • Be sure to safely ship your package back to us in a sturdy box with adequate packing materials.
  • Ship your return.
  • Take the package(s) that you are returning to a shipping carrier of your choice. We recommend keeping the tracking number in order to track your return.
All Returns must be shipped to:
  • Ideola's Garage
    ATTN: Returns
    4119 Dean Street
    Woodstock IL 60098
Refunds will be processed to the original payment method used on the order or to an in store credit, respective to the type of return that is made as well as any pre-existing arrangements with us. In the event that multiple forms of payment were used, we will refund the value to an in store credit. All returns are subject to a restocking fee of 15%.

Original shipping costs are non-refundable and the buyer is responsible for return shipping charges. We will not accept COD deliveries. All in store credit balances will expire after six months from the original purchase date.
Current Rides
(click images for galleries)

2015 Cayman GTS
2015 Cayman GTS

1988 924S Special Edition "Eddy"
1988 924S Special Edition "EDDY"

1982 931
1982 931 "DUSTY"

1981 924 Turbo Carrera GT "937"
1981 Carrera GT "937"

1981 931 Euro "Club Sport"
1981 931 Euro "CLUB SPORT"

1981 924 Weissach Limited Edition "Weisguy"
1981 924 Weissach Limited Edition "WEISGUY"

1980 931/944 hybrid "941"
1980 931-944 hybrid "941"

1980 931
1980 931 "WOODY"

1980 931 GTR Replica
1980 931 GTR Replica

1979 924 Sebring Edition
1979 924 Sebring Edition

1978 924 D-Production Replica "933"
1979 924 D-Production Replica "933"

1978 924 Limited Edition
1978 924 Limited Edition

1977 924 Martini Edition
1978 924 Limited Edition

Past Rides
SONIC06, June 2005
1981 924 "SONIC"

SH4RK, Feb 2005
1980 928 Euro "SH4RK"

WEISGUY, May 2005
1981 924 Weissach Limited Edition

GEIST, Jan 2007
1987 924S "GEIST"

GEBLASN, Apr 2009
1981 931 "GEBLASN"

1980 931 "Spike"
1980 931 "SPIKE"

1980 931 "SAGGY"
1980 931 "SAGGY"

1985 944 "SNOWBUNNY"
1980 931 "SAGGY"

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