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Installation Instructions for Audi-base Short Shifter

Tools Required

  • 10mm Wrench
  • 17mm Wrench
  • 13mm Socket
  • 19mm Socket (to remove wheel)
  • Swivel Extension
  • Short Extension
  • Long Extension
  1. The first step is to remove the left rear wheel. Jack up the left side of the car and put a jack stand under the car.(for safety).

  2. Remove the left rear wheel.(19mm).

  3. Put car in neutral.

  4. If you have a late car (85.5 – 91) you can skip this step and go to step #5. If you have an early car (83-85) you will have to remove the left side transmission mount. It covers the shift linkage and will need to be removed. Place a jack under the transmission to support the transmission. The jack shouldn’t be putting force on the transmission, just holding it were it is. Once the jack is under the transmission you can remove all 4 bolts on the mount. Keep the jack in place supporting the transmission until you reinstall the mount.
    Porsche 944 short shifter installation Porsche 944 short shifter installation

  5. Now you can remove the old shift linkage. Remove the two bolts that hold the linkage onto the car. One is behind the black rubber boot. Pull the boot back to reveal the head of the bolt. Use a 10mm wrench to remove the bolt on the shift shaft(A), and use a 13mm socket with a long extension to remove the front bolt.(B)
    Porsche 944 short shifter installation Porsche 944 short shifter installationPorsche 944 short shifter installation

  6. Now it will be easier to remove the last bolt.(C) Use a 17mm wrench to hold the back of the bolt and a 13mm socket to remove the nut on the front. Once you remove this bolt the old shift linkage will be completely removed.
    Porsche 944 short shifter installation

  7. Now you can install the short shift linkage. First slide the linkage on the shift shaft. Then slide the linkage into the black rod coming from the front of the car.

  8. Use the supplied loctite on both bolts for the shift linkage. Install the small bolt to hold the linkage onto the shift shaft, then the bolt that goes onto the black shift rod. Make sure they are lined up with the notch in the linkage and the notch in the shift shaft. Try to line them up visually first before putting the bolt in. The bolt will help line the two parts up if they are close. Another way to do this is put the bolt in and slowly tighten the bolt while rotating the shift linkage a little. You will be able to feel when the bolt finds the notch on the shaft. Then you can tighten the bolt the rest of the way.
    Porsche 944 short shifter installation

  9. Now use the loctite on the nut for the last bolt. Install the last bolt on the shift linkage. Install this bolt in the bottom slot if you want the side to side movement to remain stock, or install this bolt in the top slot if you want the side to side movement to be 30% shorter.(I recommend using the top slot) Use the 17mm wrench and the 13mm socket with the swivel extension to install the last bolt. This bolt will also align the shifter inside the car from side to side. If the shifter isn’t aligned side to side then it will hit the inside of the car. This will make it hard/impossible to shift into 1st and 2nd, or 5th and rev. With the car in neutral, the shifter should be straight up and down, or leaning just a little towards the driver. Here is how to center the shifter.

    The slotted hole in the top of the short shifter is what centers the shifter inside the car. Start with the car in neutral. Then make sure the top bolt in the short shifter is loose. Then get someone to sit inside the car and hold the shifter in the center, straight up and down. Then tighten this bolt up. Now your shifter should be aligned and you are finished.
    Porsche 944 short shifter installation

  10. If you have an early 944 then you can now reinstall the transmission mount. Reinstall and tighten all the bolts. Once they are tight then you can remove the jack from under the transmission.

  11. As long as all the bolts are tight on the shift linkage you can reinstall the rear wheel. Make sure the rear wheel is tight and remove the jack stand and jack. Now you can enjoy smoother and faster shifting.

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