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Tune-Up Kits

In this section: 924 NA Tune-up Kit || 931 Tune-up Kit || Fuel Delivery || Replacement Air Flow Components || Kingsborne Wiresets

Tune-up Kits
Our excluse tune-up kits include everything required to properly tune-up your 924 or 931, sourced from OEM suppliers such as Bosch and Mahle. 
Our new "configurator" feature allows you to add several options, such as belts, coil, upgraded wires, and K&N filters.

924 NA Tune-up Kit
Suitable for all 1977-1984 2.0L normally aspirated 924. Includes all components listed at left.

Add Optional Tune-up Components

Timing Belt           Tensioner
Alternator Belt       A/C Belt
Air filter:
Oil filter:

931 Tune-up Kit
Suitable for all 1979-82 2.0L turbocharged 924. Includes all components listed at left.

Add Optional Tune-up Components
Timing Belt           Tensioner
Alternator Belt       A/C Belt
Air filter
Oil filter

Fuel Delivery
New Injectors
Why risk your newly rebuilt motor to old, under-performing fuel injectors? The old mechanical injectors are not serviceable, and rely on a spring to properly open the pintle when the system is pressurized. In addition to clogging, old injectors almost always suffer from spring sag, and a wide variance of flow across multiple injectors, which can cause catostrophic lean conditions in a single cylinder, which is nearly impossible to detect, and can very quickly damage your freshly rebuilt motor. Don't take a chance: replace those old injectors with new OEM units.

Replacement Fuel Pump Kit
Walbro Fuel PumpsFinally! An affordable replacement for those ridiculously expensive Bosch external fuel pumps! This kit is rated to operate at 12 volts and has a minimum flow of 211 liters per hour against a normal operating pressure of 73 psi., and includes the necessary check valves, adapters, and mounting sleeves for the stock 924/931 mounting location.

New Injector Kit for NA
Four new injectors, four new o-rings, and four new injector inserts.

New Injector Kit for 931
Four new injectors and four new sealing rings.

New! Replacement Fuel Pump Kit
Walbro external/inline electric fuel pump suitable for all 2.0L 924/931, 1982-85 944 2.5L, and 1987-88 924S 2.5L.


Walbro GCL604-1 Fuel Pump Kit
Walbro GCL604-1 Fuel Pump Kit

Replacement Parts for Air Flow
931 Vacuum Elbow Kit
The 931 has several model-specific rubber elbows as part of the intake plumbing which are prone to cracking and leaking, making proper adjustment of the CIS virtually impossible until the leaks are repaired. This kit includes all of the necessary elbows:
  • elbow at head breather plate
  • elbow to vacuum limiter
  • 3 elbows: from AAV, from tube under hard pipe to vac limiter, from back of mani; 4th required for Series 2 cars, from the charge tube
Note: the elbow from recirculation valve is NLA.
Note: the 18x26 braided straight sections at the AAV are now NLA from Porsche. These can easily be replaced with a standard, off-the-shelf section of heater hose.
NA Intake Boot
NA Intake Boot

NA Mass Air Flow Boot
NA Mass Air Flow Boot
931 S2 Throttle Body Seal Kit
Suitable only for 931s equipped with the Series 2 round throttle body.
931 S2 throttle body seal kit
931 S2 throttle body seal kit
Straps for 931 Air Filter Housing
Replace those deteriorating or missing filter housing straps with two brand new OEM straps.

NA Intake Boot
Connects the air intake tract to the throttle body..

NA Mass Air Flow Boot
Connects to the mass air flow unit.

Kingsborne Wiresets
Kingsborne wiresets are the finest automotive ignition wiresets available. Manufactured to OEM specifications, these wiresets are model-specific, high quality, and affordable. Suitable for both daily driving and long-term track use, Kingsborne wires are available in black, red and blue.

KingsborneDespite claims made by some wire set manufacturers, no wire set will increase or add additional horsepower to your engine. Many people have noticed an increase in engine performance after fitting a Kingsborne wireset, but this is  because the engine’s potential power was previously restricted by faulty, worn out or inefficient ignition wires.

924 NA wireset Porsche 924 NA
Suitable for normally aspirated 924 1977-82 L4 2.0L

931 wireset Porsche 931
Suitable for 931 1979-82 L4 2.0L

924S-944-951 wireset Porsche 924S, 944, 951
Suitable for 924S 87-88 L4 2.5
944,944S,S2 83-89 L4 M44.50,51,52 Including Turbo
944,944S,S2 90-91 L4 3.0 M44.41 Turbo


994S/S2 wireset Porsche 944S, 944S2
Suitable for 944S, 944S2 1989-91
L4 2.5, 3.0L 16v excluding Turbo


early 928 wireset Porsche 928 non-S (early)
Suitable for 928 1978-82 V8 4.5 M28 219 hp
928 S 1983-84 V8 4.7 M28 234/310 hp- US/European spec


Porsche 928S (Euro)
Suitable for 928 Euro 'S' 1980-82 V8 4.5, 4.7 Ltr. M28 300 hp
European model


928S (US) wireset Porsche 928S (US)
Suitable for 928 S 1/85-12/86 V8 5.0 M28.41,42 288 hp
DOHC U.S Model. This set includes 2 coil wires.


928 S4/GT Porsche 928 S4/GT
Suitable for 928 S4 1987-91 V8 5.0 Ltr. M28.41,42 316 hp - First of new body style. 928 GT 1989-91 V8 5.0 Ltr. M28.41,42 326 hp - 5 Speed only. This set includes 2 coil wires.

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