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Exhaust Upgrades

In this section: 924 NA Headers || 931 Locking Exhaust Fasteners

Performance Exhaust Systems
Designed specifically for freeing up the exhaust on the normally aspirated 924, we can provide three options for exhaust headers from Stahl, Bursch and MSDS. We can also provide the Bursch complete exhaust package at prices significantly below MSRP.

Bursch tuned performance header for 924 Bursch tuned exhaust system for 924
Bursch exhaust header and racing exhaust system

MSDS performance header for 924
MSDS exhaust header for 924 NA

A Word About Coatings

Based on several reports from the field, we strongly discourage the use of header wraps, as they trap heat and moisture and will lead to premature failure of any of these headers. For racing applications, we strongly recommend ceramic coating both inside and outside the header. MSDS provides this as a service (see pricing above). Altnerative, we have several local sources who can provide ceramic coating services, so please inquire if you need assistance in this area.
Bursch Tuned Headers
Suitable for all 1977-1984 2.0L normally aspirated 924.
1.5" - 16 gage header designed for increased power and fuel economy. EGR provided, but may alter emissions. For racing or off-road use only.

Bursch Tuned Exhaust, 77.5-onward
Suitable for 1978-84 2.0L normally aspirated 924. 49 state cars does not remove catalytic converter.
Bursch Tuned Exhaust, 76-77 models
Suitable for 1976-77 2.0L normally aspirated 924. This model comes with adaptor supplied to fit 76 & early 77.  49 state cars does not remove catalytic converter.

MSDS Headers
Suitable for all 1977-1984 2.0L normally aspirated 924
MSDS Ceramic Coating
Add the MSDS header to your cart, then add coating option.
MSDS Nickel Chrome Coating
Add the MSDS header to your cart, then add coating option.

Stage8 Locking Exhaust Fasteners
931 locking exhaust kitThese high quality header kits are made from high quality, heat resistant stainless steel. Even when using conventional locking copper nuts, the studs can still back out, particularly on three bolt flange that attaches the turbine housing to the manifold. Once this occurs, one or more studs will often fall out, and are almost impossible to replace with the engine in situ. Loose exhaust hardware leads to exhaust leaks, boost leaks, inefficiency of the turbo due to heat loss, and additional stress on the manifold which can lead to the infamous cracked exhaust manifold on the 931.
Locking Exhaust Nut Kit for 931
Suitable for all 931. 
Kit contains:
  • QTY 16: M8x1.25 nuts and E-clips (for manifold-to-head, jpipe-to-wastegate, and wastegate-to-dump pipe)
  • QTY 9: M10x1.50 nuts and E-clips (for manifold-to-turbine, turbine-to-jpipe, and turbine-to-main exhaust pipe)

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