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Engine Rebuild Kits

In this section: Rebuild Kits || Additional Block Components || Dimple Motor Oil Magnets 
Additional Head Components || Cometic Gaskets || ARP Fasteners
NOTE: The kits listed on this page are NOT available from Porsche as "kits". This is a service that we provide to make ordering easier. Many of the items in these kits must be sourced individually from multiple locations. Please plan for a minimum of 2-3 weeks before shipment on these kits!!!
Engine Rebuild Kits
Our exclusive engine rebuild kits include everything you need for a complete top and bottem end overhall, sourced from OEM suppliers such as Goetz and Victor Reinz.

Basic Kit includes:
Deluxe Kit includes:
Everything above, plus: Ultimate Kit includes:
Everything above, plus several seals not included in the head gasket kit, including:
  • throttle body seals
  • head breather adapter gasket
  • cold start valve gasket
  • injector seals

Victor Reinz

924 NA Rebuild Kit
Suitable for all 1977-1984 2.0L normally aspirated 924

931 Rebuild Kit
Suitable for all 1979-1982 2.0L 931

New! Head Accessory Gasket Set
Don't need a complete head gasket kit? Several of the head accessory gaskets are NLA individually. We solved that by having them scanned in high resolution and CNC-cut out of high quality gasket material. Includes the thermostat housing gasket, the head breather gasket, the ovoid throttle body gasket (NA and S1 931 only), the distributor housing gasket, and the distributor-to-housing gasket. 
Ideola's exclusive head accessory gasket set
Ideola's exclusive head accessory gasket set

Additional Block Components
Bearing Sets
We can additionally provide main bearing sets for the 2.0L motors with 64mm cranks. These are manufactured by King Bearings in Israel, available in STANDARD size only. King rod bearing sets are also available in STANDARD and .025" OS.
King Engine Bearings

If you would like to purchase individual gasket sets or items, please contact us with your specific needs.

Piston Ring Sets

OEM ring packs are virtually NLA. We are now sourcing all ring packs directly from TotalSeal, which are of equivalent or better quality than OEM. Ring packs are available in standard 86.5mm bore sizes. If you require larger bore sizes, p
lease contact us with your specific needs.
Total Seal Piston Rings

Dimple® Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs
Dimple® Motor Oil MagnetsThe continuous friction in your engine creates unwanted  contamination. Tiny metal particles  measured in microns (one millionth of a meter) end up throughout your engine oil. All the contaminates cannot be removed by even the best oil filters, which typically only remove particles larger than 35 microns. Dimple® products remove the rest! If not removed, particle contamination is circulated millions of times between each oil change, polishing (wearing) down the metal until the engine is worn out. There is still residue left in the engine, even after an oil change, so new oil in the engine, does not mean, non contaminated oil.

Dimple® products use extreme magnetism to rip the metal particles out of your transmission oil and keep it out. Dimple® magnets are made under contract to insure that they are the strongest high temperature grade  neodymium magnets in the world. Dimple's high temperature neodymium magnets do not loose magnetism like regular neodymium magnets do at only 175 degrees.

Main Bearing Set
Suitable for all 1977-1984 2.0L 924/931

Rod Bearing Set
Suitable for all 1977-1984 2.0L 924/931

924 NA Piston Ring Set (TotalSeal)
Suitable for all 1979-1982 2.0L normally aspirated 924

931 Piston Ring Set (TotalSeal)
Suitable for all 1979-1982 2.0L 931

New! Vibratechnics Motor Mounts
Suitable for all 1977-1984 2.0L 924 & 931. Sold per pair.
Vibratechnics POR174M Motor Mounts
Vibratechnics POR174M Motor Mounts

New! Dimple® Magnetic Oil Drain Plug
M26x1.5x16 suitable for all 924/931
M20x1.5x14 suitable for all 924S/944/951
Dimple Magnetic Drain Plug
Dimple magnetic drain plug

Additional Head Components
Valve Train Components
SI ValvesReplacement OEM-specification valves and valve guides are provided by SI Valves. Valves are stainless steel and guides are bronze.

Specs for Normally Aspirated valve components:
  • Intake: 40mm OD x 137mm L
  • Exhaust: 33mm OD x 137mm L
  • Guide: 0.3546" ID x  0.554" OD x  2.225" L
Specs for 931 valve components:
  • Intake: 40mm OD x 133mm L
  • Exhaust: 36mm OD x 133mm L
  • Guide: 0.3546" ID x  0.554" OD x  2.225" L
Please contact us for individual component pricing.

OEM Replacement Head Bolts
The Factory Service Manual recommends replacing head bolts, which are stretch bolts and not intended to be re-used. If you don't want to spring for the reusable ARP head studs, you should consider purchasing new OEM units.

Replacement Oil Filler Cap
Tired of oil seeping and weeping from your old oil filler cap? Replace that leaking oil filler cap with a high quality replacement from Bilstein.

Bilstein oil filler cap
Bilstein oil filler cap
New! 924/931 Brass Oiler Tube Elbow
Replace the crack-prone OEM plastic elbow for the last time! No more cam or lifter damage! Suitable for all 1977-1982 2.0L 924 and 931. Includes two o-rings for proper sealing.
Brass oiler tube elbow
Brass oiler tube elbow

924 NA Replacement Valve Kit
Suitable for all 1977-1984 2.0L normally aspirated 924. Includes (4) intake valves, (4) exhaust valves, (8) valve guides, and (8) valve stem seals.

931 Replacement Valve Kit
Suitable for all 1979-1982 2.0L 931. Includes (4) intake valves, (4) exhaust valves, (8) valve guides, and (8) valve stem seals.

OEM Replacement Head Bolts
Suitable for all 924 and 931. Complete set of (10) OEM replacement head bolts.

Replacement Oil Filler Cap
Suitable for all 924 and 931. Replace that leaking oil filler cap with a high quality OEM replacement from Bilstein.

Oil Pressure Sender
Suitable for all 1977-1984 2.0L 924/931. Replace your sender with the correct, OEM-spec M8x1.0 sender.

Cometic MLS Head Gaskets
Cometic GasketsIn early 2009, we worked directly with Cometic to develop a multi-layer steel head gasket specifically for the early 2.0L Porsche 924 and 931 platform.

As with some of our other products, this was a first for the 924 platform. In addition to the 2.0L platform, we can also source MLS gaskets direct from Cometic for all variations of the 924S/944/951 lineup, as well as the 100.5mm and 104mm bore configurations on the 928 platform.
Cometic C4542 MLS Head Gasket
Cometic MLS Head Gasket for 924 & 931

Cometic MLS (multi-layer steel) head gaskets are comprised of three or five layers of stainless steel. The outer layers are an embossed viton coated stainless steel providing a superior seal with excellent rebound characteristics and are corrosive resistant. When we developed the 924 head gasket, for example, we delivered a block and two heads (one normally aspirated and one turbocharged) which Cometic scanned for geometry. The embossments form a ridge seal around all of the openings on the head, including the bore, studs, and galleys.

MLS head gaskets reduce bore distortion and withstand extreme cylinder pressures. As a result, they are ideally suited for high compression and forced induction applications, such as 931s and 951s with boost increases, or normally aspirated motors with high compression or superchargers. In addition, due to the unique multi-layer design, the inner layer(s) can be varied in thickness to accommodate a variety of scenarios relative to head and deck height, and fine tuning of compression ratios.
Need help selecting the proper thickness? Use our interactive Compression Rato Calculator!

924 & 931 2.0L 88mm bore
3- and 5-Layer MLS Head Gaskets


924S/944/951 2.5L/2.7L/3.0L
Select cylinder bore and desired thickness. Default clearance on bore is .15". Custom bores and clearances are available upon request.
3- and 5-Layer MLS Head Gaskets


(2 required, sold per pair)
3-Layer MLS Head Gaskets

Cometic MLS Head Gasket for 944
Cometic MLS Head Gasket for 944

Special Notes

  • A surface finish of 50 RA (roughness average) or finer, is recommended for a proper gasket seal. Anything rougher may conflict with the gasket design.
  • The MLS gasket CANNOT be used with o-ringed blocks or heads
  • Head torque specs remain the same as OEM
  • Contrary to some information on the internet, Cometic does NOT recommend the reuse of MLS gaskets

ARP Rod Bolts
ARP FastenersOEM replacements for the Porsche 924 / 931 2.0L rod bolts are NLA. Fortunately, in 2008, we were successful in commissioning an aftermarket replacement for the stock units, which are now a catalog item from ARP.

The part number is AR336. These units are made from a higher grade material (ARP2000) than OEM replacement due to the demand in the aftermarket for a rod bolt suitable on higher-than-stock forced induction applications. These rod bolts and are rated at 220 ksi.
Closeup of AR336 Rod Bolts and a 924/931 stock rod

While these are now a catalog item, they are not stocked by ARP or any other reseller we are aware of. In the meantime, we would be happy to coordinate another group buy if there is sufficient interest.

ARP also provides a variety of product available for the 924S, 944, 951 and 928 which we have also requested permission to resell.
924 2.0L Rod Bolt Set
Exclusive! The 924/931 2.0L rod bolt (AR336) is not available anywhere else. Nuts are NOT included with rod bolt set.

924 2.0L Nuts for Rod Bolts
Set of 8 10mm x 1.0 12-point nuts suitable for the 924/931 2.0L AR336 rod bolts.

AR336 Rod Bolts for Porsche 924 & 931 2.0L

924S-944-951 Rod Bolt Set
Rod bolt & nut set for all 924S/944/951.

ARP Head Studs
There is also a lot of debate about replacing the stock head bolts any time they are untorqued (e.g. during a top-end rebuild) due to concerns over the effect of stretching and restretching on the tensile strength of the bolt. The Porsche Factory Service Manual says to replace with new.

In mid-2008 we learned from a friend that the ARP head studs made for the Ford Cosworth turbo engines are a direct-fit replacement for the stock 924/931 head bolts. The ARP part number is 251-4701. In addition to the 2.0L platform, we have requested permission to resell all fastener products for the 924S/944/951 and 928 lineups.

  • Allen key head for easy installation, unlike Raceware studs or OEM bolts
  • Less expensive than Raceware or OEM for OEM-or-better quality
  • Easier assembly of the engine with the cylinder head and gasket assured of proper alignment
  • More accurate and consistent torque loading than OEM bolts

924 Head Studs
Set of 10 studs, 12-point nuts, and washers. Suitable for all 924 and 931.
ARP 251-4701
ARP 251-4701 Head Studs for Porsche 924 & 931 2.0L

ARP 251-4701
Closeup showing Allen key head in ARP head studs

924S-944-951 Head Studs
Includes washers & 12-point nuts. NOTE: Limited availability, please inquire before ordering.

ARP Main Studs
Our exclusive ARP main stud kit is a complete replacement for the OEM main bolts. From a fastening perspective, studs provide more accurate and consistent torque loading than bolts, and will also minimize the risk of stripping the soft threads in the cast iron block.

New! 924 Main Stud Kit
Set of 10 studs, 12-point nuts, and washers. Studs are M12x1.75 on the block end, and M12x1.25 on the cap end. Washer O.D. = 22.225 mm, I.D. = 12.014 mm, thickness = 3.048 mm. Suitable for all 924 and 931.

ARP Flywheel Bolts
These Pro series flywheel bolt kits from ARP give you all that you need to bolt in your flywheel with confidence. They're much stronger than OEM hardware, are forged from aerospace alloy, and are heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining. These bolts feature an exclusive, flat 12-point head design and a larger-than-stock shank diameter for increased strength and improved flywheel register.

New! 924 Flywheel Bolts
Includes Set of 6 bolts, M12 x 1.5 with 12-point head and underhead length of 22mm.  Suitable for all 924 and 931.

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