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Electrics Upgrades

In this section: Hi-Torque Starters || Quality Power Altnerators || Hella H4 Headlights || OEM Alternators & Starters || Alternator Bushing Kits || Relays & Fuses || Ignition Switch, Cylinder, & Keys

High Torque Gear Reduction Starters
In mid-2009 we worked directly with IMI to develop a never-before-available high-torque gear reduction starter for the Porsche 931. As it turns out, the OEM 931 starter was superseded to an OEM 951 part, so it has commonality with the later 924S, 944, and 951 models. Even better, by reversing the rotation, the same starter can also be used on the normally aspirated 2.0L 924.

IMI-155 gear reduction starterIMI-155CCW / IMI-155CW
Lightweight, high-torque, gear reduction starters for the 924, 931, 924S, 944, 951

  Hi Torque by IMI

Before & After


  • 4.440 tota1 gear reduction
  • Light weight (under 9 pounds)
  • Provides 525 plus ft. lbs. of torque
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Compact design
  • Heat resistant solenoid
  • 5 full roller bearing construction
  • Draws less current than other units
  • Fully indexable for precise positioning
  • Vented solenoid for better heat resistance
  • Superior design at a lower cost than OEM and Bosch
  • Smaller & lighter than OEM and Bosch
  • Improved heat resistance & durability, especially for race or forced induction applications
  • High torque is ideal for high compression engines
  • Lower amperage draw is easier on aging Porsche electrical systems



Suitable for all manual transmission 931, 924S, 944, and 951 through 1991 except M198 optioned cars. Replaces OEM part number 951.604.101.00. Counter-clockwise rotation. 1979-80 931 unit includes resistor harness to convert the OEM 3-wire connection.

Suitable for all manual transmission 924 normally aspirated models 1977-1984. Replaces OEM part number 059.911.023.F. Clockwise rotation. Includes resistor harness to convert the OEM 3-wire connection.


Suitable for all 928 models 1978-1995
Replaces OEM part numbers 928.604.103.01 and 928.604.103.04

Lightweight, high-torque, gear reduction starters for the 928

IMI-155 resistor harness
Resistor harness required to convert OEM 3-wire connection on early 924 normally aspirated and 1979-1980 931

Looking for Donors
We would like to expand the product line to include any auto-trans equipped 924, 924S/944/951, and any 968. If you would be interested in participating and can send us a sample starter (functional or not), please contact us.

Quality Power Alternators
Quality PowerThe OEM 75A and 90A alternators for the 924 and 931 are notorious for weak output. Cars that have been modified with modern electronic components (such as EFI, programmable ignition, aftermarket AFR gauges, high-output AV equipment, H4 headlamps, etc.) really benefit from a higher amperage alternator.

In 2011, we began the search for a completely off-the-shelf bolt-in solution that offered at least 120A. During our search, we found Quality Power in CA and worked with them to identify a suitable replacement. The units we found produce a whopping 150A. These are brand new units, not remanufactured. They also do NOT require a core deposit. Quality Power backs these with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Max alternator output: 190A
Max output power: 2437W
Voltage set point: 14.5
Leakage current: 0.42
Ripple current: 42
Alternator turn on speed: 1531 RPM
Regulator activation speed: 1419 RPM

Output current table (tested at 12.8V):
1600 RPM: 72A
1800 RPM: 96A
2000 RPM: 116A
2400 RPM: 143A
3500 RPM: 169A
5000 RPM: 183A
6000 RPM: 190A

Terminals / Application: Universal J plug with 5 wires. Field is protected by "in-line" fuse. The alternator has an internal voltage regulator, as well as an internal fan and an integral shield on the back.
New! 150A Alternator for 924 & 931
Suitable for all 924 and 931.
Quality Power 150A Alternator
Quality Power 150A Alternator
Quality Power 150A Alternator, side view
Quality Power 150A Alternator, side view

Installation Note

While our desire was to find a complete bolt-in replacement, these units do require a user-provided bushing for the upper mounting ear. This can be accomplished by purchasing a short section of 3/8" ID copper tubing from your local hardware store. The tubing should be cut using a tube-cutter to provide a sleeve for the upper mounting bolt.

New! Hella Light Upgrades
HellaSealed beams are designed to be thrown away when the filament burns out. The manufacturer puts as little cost as possible into the lens and reflector. Hella H4 lamps are designed to last the life of the car and longer. High quality Tempered Glass lenses and silverized polished aluminum reflectors create a beam pattern that will increase the available light on the road by 400% on low beam and 200% on high beam.

The replaceable bulb allows you the liberty of taking advantage of the latest in bulb technology like Long Life, Xenon and Yellowstar. H4 bulb are rated by wattage High Beam / Low Beam. Installation is no more difficult than changing a sealed beam. A rubber boot is included to protect the rear of the lamp from the weather.
New! Pair of Hella H4 Headlights
E-code H4s are legal for off-road use only. Suitable for all 924, 931, 944, 951, and 928.
Hella H4 Headlight
Hella H4 Headlight

OEM Alternators
Remanufactured Bosch alternator, available in 75A or 90A, suitable for all 1977-82 2.0L 924 & 931.
75A: $
90A: $
OEM Starters
Remanufactured Bosch starters, available for NA (clockwise rotation) or 931 (counter-clockwise).
924: $
931: $

New! NA Alternator Bushing Kit
Suitable all normally aspirated 924. Includes the two special sleeve-washers, new rubber bushings, and the special concave washers required to properly install and tension the 924 alternator setup. It also includes the large bonded rubber bushing for the tensioning arm, which mounts directly to the block.
931 Alternator Bushing Kit
Suitable all 931. Includes the two special pan head bolts, the rubber bushings, and all of the special concave washers and spacers required to properly install and tension the 931 alternator setup. Does NOT include the tensioning arm or cast aluminum brackets shown in the diagram.
Temporarily unavailable.
931 alternator bushing kit
931 alternator bushing kit

Replacement Fuses & Relays
OEM replacement relays and ceramic fuses.
turn signal relay (1H0.953.227)
power window relay (321.919.505)
window wiper motor relay (477.955.531.A)
fuel pump relay (433.906.059)
Note: This is the 16A fuel pump relay suitable for all 1980-onward 924 NA. It can NOT be used in early 924 NA, but can be safely used in all 931. However, it lacks the necessary circuit to operate the RPM limiter built into the 931 part number.

5-pack 5-amp ceramic fuses
5-pack 8-amp ceramic fuses
5-pack 16-amp ceramic fuses
5-pack 25-amp ceramic fuses
Ignition Switch
Replacement ignition switch.
Ignition Lock Housing
Replacement ignition lock housing.
Ignition Lock Cylinder with Keys
Replacement lock cylinder with keys.
Replacement Key
Three options: metal only; plain black plastic head; Porsche-crest black plastic head.


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