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EFI Solutions

In this section: EFI Fuel Rail || 36-1 Trigger Wheel || Water Pump Pulley Spacer || Distributor Block-off Coil Mount || ITB Manifold Adapter

Many 924 and 931 owners desire to replace the aging and failure-prone OEM mechanical (CIS) fuel injection system with a modern EFI solution. For now, this is strictly DIY territory, as there are no off-the-shelf solutions available for the 924 or the 931.

Our goal is to develop EFI and programmable ignition solutions that are affordable and as near bolt-on as possible for otherwise-stock normally aspirated and turbocharged applications, as well as highly modified forced-induction projects.
Other  components under development are the VR sensor bracket and a couple of additional purpose-designed spacers to keep the v-belts all in alignment (without requiring a bunch of washers!). We are also investigating a new manufacturer for reproducing our fuel rail prototype.

Once the basic kit is completed, we will be adding a variety of off-the-shelf components required for a complete bolt-on kit (such as fuel pressure regulators, flow-matched injector sets, wiring harnesses, etc.). If you have an EFI conversion project, and would like to discuss co-development, please contact us.

Purpose-built EFI Fuel Rail
New! Aluminum extrusion, drilled for standard AN fittings, our purpose-built fuel rail can accommodate return or returnless systems. Includes port for top mounted fuel pressure gauge. Assembly includes:
  • Aluminum fuel rail, clear anodized so it is safe to use with any percentage of ethanol-based fuel.
  • QTY 2 mounting brackets (stainless steel) with fasteners
  • QTY 2 black anodized fittings (-8AN Flare to AN Straight Cut Thread 3/4-16 with O-Rings)
  • QTY 1 black anodized plug for the fuel pressure port (1/8-27 NPT)
New! Ideola's Fuel Rail
Suitable for all 924 and 931 2.0L
Fuel Rail
Purpose Fuel Rail for the 924/931

Fuel Rail
Purpose Fuel Rail for the 924/931

Purpose-built 36-1 Trigger Wheel
These trigger wheels were purpose-designed for the 924 and 931 in order to provide a reference for engine management and programmable ignition conversions (such as MegaSquirt, EDIS, MegaJolt, etc.).
  • Water-cut from mild steel
  • Plated with cad di-chromate for corrosion resistance
  • .125" thickness
  • 4.5" diameter
  • Sandwich style installation between V-belt crank pulley and Gilmer pulley provides simple bolt-on installation with no welding, balancing, or concern about rotational alignment; i.e. once the V-belt pulley is torqued to the Gilmer pulley, the trigger wheel will be perfectly centered.
  • Balance hole opposite the missing tooth
  • Fully indexable to six different positions to allow each installer to determine the optimum placement for the pickup sensor.
Customer Install & Testimonial

Ideola's 36-1 Trigger Wheel
Suitable for all 924 and 931 2.0L
36-1 Trigger Wheel
Purpose built trigger wheel for the 924/931

Note: requires water pump pulley and alternator to be spaced out by 1/8" (see below). Please contact us for detailed installation instructions.

Water Pump Pulley Spacer
Suitable for all 924 and 931 2.0L
Water Pump Pulley Spacer
Water Pump Pulley Spacer


Distributor Block-off Coil Mount
When converting from the OEM ignition to programmable ignition, the OEM distributor needs to be eliminated, and a suitable location needs to be identified for mounting the coil packs for the programmable system. By eliminating the distributor, the OEM distributor housing needs to be blocked off.

This little item accomplishes both feats with a single component, with the added benefit that OEM-length plug wires can be retained, whether you're converting a normally aspirated or turbo-charged 924.
  • Machined from billet aluminum
  • Includes a rubber o-ring to seal the OEM distributor housing
  • Uses the OEM distirbutor retainer
  • Coil mount plate is pre-drilled to match the mounting pattern of a standard EDIS-4 coil pack.
Distributor Block-off Coil Mount
Suitable for all 924 and 931 2.0L
Distributor Block-off Coil Mount
Distributor Block-off Coil Mount

Distributor Block-off Coil Mount
Comparison of OEM Distributor and EDIS-4 Coil Pack mounted to the Distributor Block-off Coil Mount

ITB Manifold Adapter
DCOE-Style ITB Manifold Adapter
ITB Manifold Adapter
The Redline-Weber 924 DCOE-style manifold adapter is ideal for EFI enthusiasts wishing to convert to Independent Throttle Body (ITB) setups.

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