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Cooling System Kits

In this section: Water Pump Kits || "Norma" Hose Clamp Kits || 931-to-944 Coolant Resevoir Upgrade

Water Pump Kits
Our basic water pump kits consist of a new waterpump and gasket set, a new thermostat with sealing o-ring, and a new auxiliary fan switch with the copper crush seal. Kits are available in your choice of stock configuration (75°C fan switch with 82°C thermostat) or a "warmer" configuration for cold climates (87°C fan switch with 92°C thermostat).

924 Water Pump with Gasket
924 water pump with gasket

75°/82° 924/931 Basic Water Pump Kit
Suitable for all 2.0L 924 and 931. 75°C fan switch paired with 82°C thermostat

87°/92° 924/931 Basic Waterpump Kit
Suitable for all 2.0L 924 and 931. 87°C fan switch paired with 92°C thermostat
924 Thermostat and Fan Switch Kit
924 thermostat and fan switch kit

"Norma" Hose Clamp Kit 
High quality "Norma"-style European hose clamps. Unique off-set non-welded design of the housing provides resistance to over-tightening damage to the hose.Short housing saddle provides smooth underside ensuring high sealing efficiency. Particularly suited for fuel, vacuum, water, emission and heater hoses and can be used with silicone hoses. Kit includes the following sizes & quantities:
  • QTY 15: 15-24mm
  • QTY 15: 20-32mm
  • QTY 10: 25-40mm
  • QTY 10: 30-45mm
  • QTY 2: 40-60mm
New! "Norma" Hose Clamp Kit
Suitable for all 1979-1982 2.0L 924 & 931.
Norma-style Hose Clamps
Norma-style Hose Clamps

New! Coolant Reservoir Upgrade
We also offer a 944 expansion tank upgrade kit for 931, consisting of a new 944 or 951 expansion tank, the large and small reservoir-to-radiator hoses, the overflow tube, and a new expansion tank cap. Note that the 951 reservoir has the additional port necessary to plumb in a coolant circuit for a water-cooled turbo.

944 Coolant Reservoir
944 Coolant Reservoir

Suitable for all 2.0L 931. Cannot be used on a stock normally aspirated 924 due to the location of the OEM CIS system. If your NA has been converted to carbs or EFI, the 944 kit should work.
944 Kit: $
951 Kit: $
951 Coolant Reservoir
951 Coolant Reservoir with extra port
for water cooled turbo circuit

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